Childwall Sports and Science Academy


Sixth Form Uniform

Uniform can now be purchased from Laser school wear and ties are available from the sixth form office.

All students are expected to wear the full uniform listed below. Sportswear, hooded tops, caps,  scarves and handbags are not part of the school uniform and should not be brought into school. These items will be confiscated by academy staff. If a student does not attend in full uniform, staff have the right to send them home to change into the correct uniform.

Academy Blazer - This must be worn at all times unless teachers permit removal during a lesson.
White shirt - White shirts must have a top fastening button and must be tucked in at all times. Girls may wear an open neck blouse without a tie if they prefer.
Academy Tie - Academy ties must be worn at all times and must show the school badge, ties are optional for girls.
Black Shoes - Plain black shoes must be worn at all times. Sports shoes, trainers, boots (of any description), converse, vans, plimsolls or heels are not permitted at any time.
Head wear - No head wear should be worn anywhere inside the school building. Headscarves worn for religious reasons must be plain black or grey.
Jewellery – Jewellery must be subtle. No facial piercings are permitted. Nose piercings, lip piercings, tongue piercings or any other form of piercings are not allowed in our school.
Hair/Make up - Hair must be neat and presentable. Unnatural hair colours are not permitted. Natural make-up can be worn by students in sixth form. Subtle nail polish may be worn by students.
Students must wear black shoes at all times of the school day (except Sports students).

Sports Kit – Any student studying a Sports course is permitted to wear the full sixth form sports kit (see below).

School uniform aims and objectives:

  • Promote equal opportunities for all students
  • Promote self-esteem amongst our students
  • Promote a sense of belonging to our sixth form
  • Promote our ethos of being the best that you can be
  • Prepare students for the world of work
  • Provide our wider community with a positive image of our sixth form

All students are expected to wear the full uniform listed.

Persistent refusal to wear any item of the uniform, or the full uniform will be dealt with in line with the Sixth Home/School Partnership and Code of Conduct Agreement.