Childwall Sports and Science Academy


Mission & Vision

Childwall Sports and Science Academy has a mission statement of “Learning without Limits”. This means that we seek to achieve the best possible outcomes for every student within a safe and supportive environment.

Our Academy provides high quality teaching and stimulating learning experiences designed to appeal to students of all ability levels. We encourage every member of our Academy community to focus on lifelong learning - developing the academic and social skills they will need to become responsible adults and caring, confident citizens of the future.


Childwall Vision:

We ASPIRE to be the most vibrant, creative and successful school that we can be. We will constantly promote a culture of high achievement and believe all will succeed through perseverance. We will develop and nurture happy, hardworking and respectful learners who see for themselves lives of limitless potential.

Core Values = ASPIRE and PRAISE

We Aim High
We Succeed together
We Persevere and never give up
We Inspire
We Respect our school and everyone
We Enjoy learning