Childwall Sports and Science Academy





Lydiate Learning Trust and Childwall Sports & Science Academy Policies

Please note Childwall Sports And Science Academy complies with all Lydiate Learning Trust central policies

Listed below are the local policies for Childwall Sports & Science Academy. (LLT) denotes the Lydiate Learning Trust central policies.

Please click on the relevant policy to download.

Statutory Policies

Name of Policy
CSSA Admissions Policy
CSSA Provider Access Policy
Anti Fraud & Corruption Policy (LLT)
Code of Conduct Policy (LLT)
Complaints Policy (LLT)
Data Protection Policy (LLT)

Discipline Policy & Procedure (LLT)

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme (LLT)
Grievance Policy (LLT)
Health & Safety Policy (LLT)

Preventing Extremism & Radicalisation Policy (LLT)

Remote Learning Policy (LLT)

Safeguarding Children Statement (LLT)
SEND Policy (LLT)

Non-Statutory Policies

Childwall Sports & Science Academy Policies
CSSA Accessibility Policy
CSSA Anti-Bullying Policy
CSSA Appeals - Internal Assessments 
CSSA Attendance Policy
CSSA Behaviour Policy
CSSA Behaviour, Attendance, Expectations & Standards COVID-19)
CSSA Charging Policy
CSSA Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy (including updated COVID-19 policy)
CSSA Equality Policy
CSSA E-Safety Policy
CSSA Examination Policy
CSSA Looked-after Children Policy
CSSA Medication Procedures
CSSA Mobile Phone Policy
CSSA Recruitment Privacy Notice
CSSA School Visitors Policy
CSSA Sex Education Policy
CSSA Workforce Privacy Notice

Lydiate Learning Trust Policies
Anti-Bullying Policy (LLT)
British Values Statement (LLT)
Careers Information, Advice & Guidance Policy (LLT)
Classroom Observation Protocol (LLT)
Communication Policy (LLT)
Cookies Policy (LLT)

Data Breach Policy (LLT)

Diversity & Equality Policy (LLT)

Diversity & Equality Statement (to be read in conjunction with LLT Diversity & Equality Policy)

Equality Impact Assessment - COVID 19 (LLT)

Family Friendly Policy (LLT)
Financial Regulations (LLT)
Fire Safety Policy (LLT)
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme (LLT)
Induction of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) Policy (LLT)
Intimate Care Policy (LLT)
Learning Outside the Classroom Policy (LLT)
Learning Outside the Classroom Guidance Documents (LLT)
Managing Staff Attendance Policy (LLT)
Medicines Policy (LLT)
Minibus Policy (LLT)
Minibus CCTV Policy (LLT)
Parental Engagement Policy (LLT)
Restructure and Redundancy Policy (LLT)
Retention Policy (LLT)
Scheme of Delegation (LLT)
School Self-Evaluation Policy (LLT)
SEND Policy (LLT)
Standards & Achievements Policy (LLT)
Stress Management & Risk Assessment Policy (LLT)
Subject Access Requests Procedure (LLT)
Succession Planning Policy (LLT)

Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy (LLT)

Support Staff Appraisal Policy (LLT)

Support Staff Capability Policy (LLT)
Teachers Appraisal Policy (LLT)

Teaching & Learning Policy (LLT)

Teaching Staff Capability Policy (LLT)

Teaching Staff Pay Policy (LLT)

Whistleblowing Policy (LLT)
Workforce Consent Form (LLT)
Workforce Privacy Notice (LLT)





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